Best Cafes for Studying in Oldenburg

by Gabriella Mikiewicz

Worried you won’t find your go-to coffee shop in Oldenburg? Because I end up spending so much of my time in the library, I relish those moments where I pack up my books, download my readings for class onto my iPad, and ride my bike to a cafe somewhere faaaaaaar away from the beige walls of the Uni library. Also – real espresso machines. Enough said.

Käthe Koffee

My #1 favorite cafe in Oldenburg. Located right near the Oldenburg Haultbanhof (train station), so it’s easily accessible by bus and bike. Inside, it’s actually a small cafe plus furniture store with lots of plants, wifi, some sandwiches, cakes, and good coffee.




A chain shop that has multiple locations around Oldenburg. They’re trendy and the baristas are such hipsters, so you know the coffee must be good 😉

The Oldenburg city center, right next to Woyton coffee, during sunset.

Cafe Klinge

Great for brunch! Sit in their winter garden and sip coffee while doing some readings for school, but there’s no wifi so make sure to download the readings ahead of time. One of the few places open on Sundays!


This coffee shop located on a quiet side street in Oldneburg’s downtown is really a nice haven (get it??) to study for a few hours or grab a coffee with some friends. Unfortunately they don’t have wifi, and when I asked why, the cute barista told me, “because this is a coffee shop.” Not sure what that means, but it won’t stop me from returning!




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